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    Hey All!

    April 14, 2012 by BashShinycap44

    Hello all! I haven't came to contact with any other cars users since the World of Cars closed, but now I'll make an effort to.

    So, how are all of you holding up after World of Cars's closure? What has your interest gone to now that World of Cars has closed?

    Anyways, I hope you all are holding up just fine, even though World of Cars is long gone.

    Keep Coolant,

    Bash Shinycap

    (I also want to add that two weeks ago, on April 1, that I got to celebrate my 13th b-day!!! :D)

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  • BashShinycap44

    A bit from BATracer :)

    February 18, 2012 by BashShinycap44

    All made with Kool Tools on BATracer, MMORPG racing strategy game:

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  • BashShinycap44

    Ok, so we know that soon World of Cars will be in the history books, right?

    Well, I've created a paint scheme for those who are sad.


    "Boo-Hoo" Blue (Boo Blue)

    Blue Rims

    Blue Wheels

    Tidal Waves

    Rest is up to you!! Opinions appreciated-post if you want.

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  • BashShinycap44

    Please come and help with a newly founded wiki I have just made!

    Link is in profile, so it should be easy to get there!

    ~Not afficialtated with World of Cars in any way, but does feature articles of famous users!~

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