Mystery Pumpkin

The large Mystery Pumpkin in Radiator Springs.

ystery Pumpkins were in Downtown Radiator Springs, Willy's Butte, Fillmore's Fields, and Redhood Valley during Scaryator Springs Festival 2010.They would either give you a trick, like make you do a trick, such as flipping over, or a treat, (100 coins, 500 coins, a boost, or a hazard) There was also a giant pumpkin in the northeast of Carburetor County which gave you the Scaryator Springs Collector's Plate. In the second week of Scaryator Springs, there was 1 in each part of Carburetor County, the next week there were 2 in each part. The total would be 8. When they were present, you could find them in:

Downdown Radiator Springs: one slightly Southeast of the courthouse at the end of Mainstreet and one near the trees Southwest of Luigi's shop where Wingo hid in September when the tuners ran out of gas and went into hiding.

Fillmore's Fields: one in the corn field were Frank is, and one in the mini corn field in the Southeast were DJ hid in September when the tuners ran out of gas and went into hiding.

Willy's Butte: one near the road that leads to Fillmore's Fields in a large ditch and one near the open field were a ramp and geyser are.

Redhood Valley: one near the dock to the south and one near the broken bridge.

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