Motor Speedway of the South


June 2011


The South

Motor Speedway of the South was the 5th race track in the Piston Cup Racing Series after Petroleum City Super Speedway. It's also the place where Lightning McQueen, The King, and Chick Hicks had a 3-way tie in the Cars movie. You needed 1,000,000 points to race there. Unlike other Piston Cup tracks, Motor Speedway of the South is 7 laps long due to being shorter than other tracks (It is a small oval). There is a pit stop that will give you a boost if you go through it on the 3rd and 6th laps.The only other track that is 7 laps long and has a pit stop is Los Angeles International Speedway.


Race Cars


Next and Previous Track

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  • Next Track - Los Angeles International Speedway

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