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The Water slide in Fillmore's Fields.


Car-B-Q Decorations

Mack's Summer Car-B-Q was Mack's third party in Carburetor County, this time celebrating the summer break as well as Independence Day.


Unlike the other two, this one was in Fillmore's Fields instead of Redhood Valley. It was announced last May Mack would be back for Mack's June Vroom but was later changed to Mack's Summer Car-B-Q. There are picnic tables, grills, fireworks, and related decorations. there is also a water slide that makes a car go extremely fast and can even cause them to glitch through the fence of the tractor pin. 3 costumes and 5 paint colors were also added at this time, in the second week, yard items such as fireworks, picnic tables, umbrellas, grills and Topiary Tires/Cones/Cars were available. In the last 2 weeks of the party, the party noises scared the tractors causing them to stampede, as predicted, a rockslide happened a week later.

An example of all of the Car-B-Q yard items excluding fireworks, 4 tables, 4 umbrellas, and grilles.

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