Haul Inngas

Haul Inngas


Haul along with Greg "Candyman", and Kevin Shiftright in Motor Speedway of the South.

Haul Inngas is a racecar in the Piston Cup. His sponsor is Retread, and his number is 79. In the World of Cars Online, he can be found racing at Petroleum City Super Speedway, Motor Speedway of the South, and Los Angeles International Speedway. He, along with Slider Petrolski and Johnny Blamer were planned to be the 3 cars racing at Tailgator Speedway, however, Johnny Blamer was the only car that was in the finished version, Haul and Slider were moved to Petroleum with Chick Hicks. Haul was also present in Motor Speedway of the South and Los Angeles International Speedway. His sponsor can not be worn by the player.

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