Fred fisbowski

Fred Fisbowski

Fred misses his early days growing up in Kenosha. Back then, he didn't have to worry about being the toughest Lemon on the block, or where he would get his spare parts. All he had to think about was kicking back and relaxing with fellow Pacers and Gremlins. As time went on, the factory parts dried up in his hometown, and Fred had to look for new adventures in faraway places. That led him to sign up for work on a mysterious oil rig in the deep Pacific. As long as the pay is steady and the parts don't dry up, Fred is not complaining.

Later, he is thrown into an elevator by McMissile, that violently lifts and crashes with its roof, crushing Fred, leading to his death. Later, when Finn leaves, to his left, we see his corpse lying at the top of the elevator that killed him, along with Stephen Trunkov.

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