Ernie Gearson
Ernie Gearson
Spare Mint #93 Race Car




Blue, Green

Eye Color:



Spare Mint Race Car


Ernest B. Raykes and Piccolo Perry


Chick Hicks



First Appearance:



No Performer

Ernie Gearson is a racecar in the Piston Cup. His sponsor is Spare Mint, and his number is 93. He doesn't appear in the World of Cars Online, but his sponsor does.

Piston Cup 2006 Racing Series

Ernie Gearson is an American Piston Cup Juniors champion, who qualified as one of 43 Piston Cup 2006 Racing Series competitors. He did well in the first part of the competition and was at the 6th position, but in the second part after the first pit stop, Chick Hicks cheated in the race, so it gives a big wonder which one of the least who had an accident was Gearson. So he lacked in the second part. 

Cars 2 The Video Game

Their are five competitors, who race against each other. They was also Ernie Gearson who raced. His Contract by the Spare Mint team has apparently still valid.


Ernie Gearson is know in the Piston Cup, as a Race Car who, trys to finds the gaps, and pass the Racers  from the middle of the track.


Gearson is painted blue, with a green stripe wrapped around his doors and hood. He has the Spare Mint logo on his hood, as well as the number 93 painted in white in front of his headlights,at the both sites of his doors and of the roof.


  • Make Model: Husker Morraco
  • Horsepower: 300


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