Boost is a character in Cars. He's not only the member of a naughty tuner-group, wich want to have fun all the night, and taste new tracks with their most powerful engines, NO, he's the leader too.

This new engines makes this cars very fast too, so that they sometimes want to impress ladies and want to be the most trendy gang on every road.

Boost works with his gang for Chick Hicks and is, after he was arrested in the end of the cars-movie, for the fast driving an enemie from Lightning McQueen.


Boost wasn't always a gang leader. When he was younger, he worked at a garage for elderly cars where he befriended an early drop-tank racer who turned him onto the ways of racing with nitrous. Learning from the master who racked up records on the Great Salt Lake, Boost promised the old timer he'd keep the tradition alive.

Boost is the leader of the Tuner Gang group consisting of himself, DJ, Snot Rod and Wingo. Boost and his group are the main cause for McQueen falling out of his trailer. They were driving along the interstate when they noticed a sleepy Mack. Boost decided to have a little fun with him, which the others agreed, by swaying Mack back and fourth until Snot Rod's sneeze makes them flee the scene. Boost later appeared in the epilogue when he and his gang were caught by Sheriff and were impounded. They were later sent to pull Bessie, in which some hot tar splashed on them.

He used to be seen driving around Redhood Valley, but now you can see him being chased by the Sheriff in Radiator Springs.

When the tuners ran out of gas and went into hiding, Boost stayed in Redhood Valley Southeast of the broken bridge and Northwest of the big campfire. Strangley, the area he hid in was the only area a tuner hid in not edited, DJ's was removed, Wingo's was replaced, and Snot Rod's was edited. Since they drove around in Redhood Valley, this must have meant he had the least amount of gas of any of the tuners.

Him and his logo.

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