Bessie is a character in Cars.


Bessie is Radiator Springs resident road-paving machine. Everyone agrees she’s a low-maintenance gal but more than one unsuspecting hitcher has learned her quirks the hard way. Doc likes to say laying asphalt with Bessie is more like dancing than paving. Fill her with kerosene, gravel, and tar, and she’ll produce the most beautiful ribbon of blacktop you’ve ever seen. But be careful! Don’t pull her too fast or get her steamed up. Bessie has two huge buckets of molten tar and she knows how to use them! Just ask Lightning McQueen! After Lightning McQueen serves his sentence of pulling Bessie to repave the main road, the Tuner Cars are sentenced to the same punishment by Doc Hudson when they are arrested by Sheriff for troublemaking in Radiator Spings.


  • Bessie is the road paver of Radiator Springs.

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