Backfire Canyon Speedway
Backfire logo


February 2011


Backfire Canyon?

Sponsored cars only


Backfire Canyon Speedway was a Pro Track Speedway, and the 3rd race track in the Piston Cup Racing Series after Big Heartland Speedway and before Petroleum City Super Speedway. You would've need 380,000 race points to conquer. It has two sponsors - Gasprin and Tank Coat. It has been said that you could have gotten smashed against rocks by super-hot blasts of volcanic gas.


Race Cars


  • When the RSN racers were interviewed in the RSN once it first opened, Brush Curber and Ryan Shield's names were switched around, however, if you look at the load screen for the speedway, it's correct.

The error/mistake, Brush is supposed to be the car to the very left and Ryan is supposed to be the car to the very right, however, they are switched around.


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